Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A few months ago, I found a t-shirt online. At the time, I thought it was funny and considered buying it for Isderf’s Father’s Day. I thought it was apt and that everyone would think it was funny. At the time, I didn’t realize HOW appropriate it would become.

Okay, I’m sure all of you have dealt with little kids wanting something. The way they look at you with puppy dog eyes and plead so nicely. Especially when you get into pet negotiations: “But I PROMISE to take care of it and walk it and love it…”

I deal with it a lot and we’ve managed to get around most of their pleadings. Isderf is really good about negotiating with them or giving them responsibilities that they need to learn before certain aspirations can be reached.

So what do you do when not only your children are begging, but your husband is right there along with them… egging them on?

I’m talking about chickens. For some reason, Isderf thinks we need them. Now he’s usually pretty good about thinking things through and answering all the important questions before following through with a plan, unless of course he gets really excited.

We’ve discussed the possibility of chickens off and on over the last 6 months. Since he’s never gotten into the research or started building a coop, I assumed it was just talk.

Then we make the HUGE mistake of taking the kids to Zamzows the week before Easter.

Before I had even gotten my cart, I was hearing, “Chickens, oh mom can we get a chicken…” I, of course, rolled my eyes and said something about talking with their father and thinking it through. And did Isderf back me up, say something about, “Of course, chickens are a big responsibility…” or such? No, he was begging with the kids. “Chickens are a great idea, I agree.”

So now, I have two kids and a husband following me through the store begging in stereo for chickens. And the nice guy that works there? Well, then HE turned on me. “I raised chickens for 10 years, they’re really easy.” I wanted to smack him.

Then we’re waiting in line to pay for our purchases and I’m throwing excuse after excuse out, “We have a dog, I don’t know how he’ll react to chickens.” When other customers get into the conversation, “Oh, we have dogs and chickens and they do just fine.” I really REALLY want to hit someone now.

Okay, so I’ve completely lost this argument. Isderf and the kids went straight home and started researching chicks, feed, and brooders. Next thing we know, we have a brooder all set up and no chicks. As we supposedly have weeks before we need a coop, the decision is made to get the chicks for Easter morning.

So now Isderf is doing more research and looking up chicken coops and what type of feed they’ll eat and how cold it can be outside, he points to something he’s reading and says, “We can raise ducks!.”

At that point, I ordered him that damn shirt and I didn’t even wait until Father’s Day to give it to him. It just fit a little too well and instead of laughing every time I see it, I just shake my head and am thankful we’re not raising ducks.

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