Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Life

I know there are many of you that enjoying seeing Isderf's various projects and how he gets into trouble, but very few realize how it is to LIVE with his stunts day in and day out. I love him lots, but sometimes it is very tiring. Whenever he starts something new and I roll my eyes at him and comment on other people lives, he usually says something along the line of "Other people WISH they were half as cool as me." Sometimes, I wish he was only HALF as cool as HE is.

Then the kids get into the mix and they're JUST like him. In the words of TriPod's Scod, "It's like being trapped in an elevator with Fonzie and Gollum," except we have the three stooges.

So we were driving home the other day and my daughter was making plans to ride her bike up and down the sidewalk before bedtime, and she was trying to convince my son to join her.

"N, do you want to ride your bike up and down the hill with me?"

"No." He continues to play his leapster and then Isderf gets involved

"How about riding J's scooter."

"No," with a sigh that indicates he'd rather they leave him alone.

And in true Isderf fashion, he ups the stakes. "How about chasing her up and down the hill....with a bat?"

That has his attention, he starts giggling, "Yah!"

Any normal family would have kids yelling 'no' and for their mom... not ours. J thinks about this for a moment and replies, "Okay, but I get a head start." Then she pauses again and clarifies, "And as long as it isn't a metal bat." Good thing she has her standards.

And I pipe up, "Officer, I promise that she was okay with it when it started."

Isderf just reaches over and pats my knee, "We'll just tell them that she wanted to be able to go faster and we were providing the incentive to do so."

Conversations like this happen every day around my house. So to those of you that get a kick out my blogs about Isderf, enjoy your quiet lives and thank God you only have to read about it!

Speaking of such, Brent, Isderf was very disappointed that you didn't save the lard from your pigs. He couldn't believe that you didn't want to do all the cool and amazing projects that can be done with it. And if you keep filling his head with more ideas, I might make sure your wife is aware of the fact that soap and candling making can be done in the luxury of your own home!


  1. I protest my innocence! And, forging the 200lb kettlebell is totally his idea! I'm just an innocent bystander. Ummm... He has told you about that project... right?

    As for the pig, he almost had me sold on doing the butchering, until he got to the part about us "burning off the hair" :)

  2. WHAT?!? A 200 lb kettlebell? No, no he hasn't told me about that project.

    And I agree, "burning off the hair" sounds nasty. Has he told you how he cleaned and cured a deer hide in our garage? He was covered in animal bits from head to toe!

    I know you Brent, you are far from innocent and I will find a way to get even.

  3. Sigh.. Never does a good deed go unpunished...

    You see, a 200lb kettlebell would take quite some time to accomplish. It would help to focus Isderf's attention and bring some stability to your life. And, in that project, there is a distinct lack of burning hair and animal bits...

    I'm only here to help! 0:-)

  4. You're right, no burning hair and animal bits, but the last time he tried using his furnace and melting stuff my poor yard had scorch marks for months. It looked like mini crop circles all over the yard.

    Besides, it would be nice if he did one of MY projects!

    And believe me, I know that no good deed goes unpunished - I figure if I'm being punished I might as well spread the pain!

  5. I wonder how hard this would be to make...

  6. Do I have to ban you from my comments? I will... In fact, I think you need something to do, something that will be fun for you and the whole family when you get next years pigs.

  7. Well just ot chime in Flight is meh...boring
    But Headcheese...that would be kinda cool to try...

  8. Hosted on my own petard... Damnit.
    Of course, he admitted that he hadn't actually watched the video.


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