Thursday, August 9, 2012

Custom Locket - Ginger Meek Allen

This whole process started with my wife saying "I'd love a locket". That is the first and only time I've heard my wife say something she would like that wasn't related to the house, or for someone else, or for the furniture, etc…you get the idea. Something for her that was honestly for only her.

So that started the quest for a custom locket maker. In 10 years of being married (17 years of knowing) my wife, I finally had a 'great' idea for a present for her, and some off the shelf locket just wasn't going to fit the idea of what I wanted to get her.

So I started the search for a custom locket maker. Googling "custom locket maker" is completely useless, unless you want a locket engraved. "Silversmith" was equally disappointing. Eventually got around to googling "Metalsmith" and found Ginger Meek Allen's website.

After reviewing her website and some reviews of her work, I contacted her. She was friendly and interactive within the first email. She was eager to start a new project, and genuinely wanted to include us in the process. Basically everything I wanted in a custom piece of jewelry.

She and my wife worked for a couple of weeks to get down roughly what my wife wanted. Ginger sent regular photo updates of progress.

It turned out beautifully.

Overall the experience was extremely friendly. Ginger was open to ideas that my wife brought up, and my wife was introduced to several other ideas that Ginger had. I can't recommend Ginger enough to anyone out there. Especially anyone that wants unique, one of a kind, personalized jewelry made for their loved ones.

Test Post - While Tattling on Isderf

Okay, so Isderf can't seem to post anything... so I figured I'd throw a little snippet your way while I see if this is going to work or not.

So the other day Isderf is working in the garage and my lights are dimming off and on so he must be using his homemade-from-a-microwave arc-welder.

He's got it timed, it allows him to weld for 2 WHOLE minutes and then needs 10 minutes to cool down. Of course, he's already gone thru one fan and we had to go to the Reuseum to procur another. If you haven't been, it's a great place to get cheap used parts and pieces for a variety of things. They have old computer parts, chemistry flasks, INL leftovers and even a glass melting furnace (a bargain at $999). If you have a significant other that can see exciting new projects in the smallest of items - I suggest you not mention it and delete this visit from your history.

Anyways... Isderf comes limping in after a while and since I've seen this I'm-trying-to-get-by-you-without-drawing-attention walk before, I stop him to find out what's wrong.

Turns out, he's splattered himself, just his foot but he does have a few small holes there now.

The funny part is that he splattered his foot because he went out to weld in flip flops and shorts. Needless to say, he went back outside in Carharts and leather boots. While he was changing, he told me that he'd watched a video early in the day and the guy had gone on and on about safety until he obviously got bored and stopped listening.

Unfortunately, I think that happens a lot.