Monday, June 30, 2014

13th Anniversary

So, I know I haven't written in a while, but I figured I'd take today and do a little post.

Today is Iz's and I's 13th Anniversary.

So, although this is older than 13 years, here's our first date photo! Yes, we were skinny... and young.

Not counting our years dating, we've been through a lot together and I thought I'd take the time to list a bit...

-Water in crawl spaces (and Iz spending a summer digging it out and putting in a sump pump)
-Finding out that oven's left on too long, shut themselves off. (I was not at home during this time, imagine that phone call!)
-Very sharp expensive knives are not to be used to hack at bones, and the manufacturer doesn't think so either considering they sent it back in a protective sleeve that said so.
-Building your own forge and melting metals in your backyard is an interesting way to develop crop circles. Which take most the year to grow back.
-Brewing our own apple cider/cysers (which were gross.)
-Making and operate an apple cider press
-Tan an animal hide & clean animal guts off the garage floor.
-Making our own soap.
-Skewers can be heated up over a gas burner to put holes in tupperware, but they also burn through floors.
-Making various garage tools, from blowers to vibrating brass cleaners.
-Lighting garage floors on fire (and I'm sure this wasn't purely for the kids entertainment.)
-Large old pick-ups can backfire and having your face over the carburetor while it does that is a bad idea.
-Camping trips with us tend to end with everyone soaking wet or someone throwing up or someone with stab wounds.
-All our projects take 4 times longer than we thought and usually cost 2-3 times more. And as we tend to follow "guidelines" more than plans, half the time we don't even end up with what we were aiming for in the beginning!

So thirteen years! It's been great, interesting and barely any boring moments.

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