Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our Tree Fort

Okay, so anybody that knows us knows that about a year ago we put 6 huge posts into the ground in our backyard for a tree fort. And those posts sat there, and sat there. We got busy, they got forgotten!

So this year, with a few empty weekend days (what's that?) and some encouragement from my parents, who were nice enough to add their physical and financial support, we've got the main part done! Yeahh!

So I figured I'd walk you through the process.

First, there were the posts... which sat there.

Then, about a month ago, those posts got supports! Tada! Iz, my dad, and his dad (not shown) spent a good morning, and part of an afternoon, getting these level and in place.

The weekend after that, we got joists! Here's the guys all working on them, well sort of.

Here's what they look like, since the last picture doesn't look much different than the supports.

We're going around our oak tree so that it feels like a tree house, without doing any damage to our trees.

Then we got the decking. There was a lot of back and forth on this step. We'd just planned on buying wood decking, as it's cheap and hadn't thought much of others. My parents got involved and by the time we were done, we had a composite deck going up (thanks mom & dad!).

Finally, the kids are up and in it.

So although they can get up in it, they've requested access for the dog. Yes, even Donny needs to get into the tree fort. So now we have stairs.

And to protect our privacy, and keep the neighbors from complaining, we've put up tarps.

At this point, we still need to put up railings, but the kids have been using it. Picnics are a favorite!

And a friend pointed out that all we needed were heads on a spikes to be a proper fort. So the kids dug out their minecraft stuff and here we go!

I'm sure there's a lot more to do, but they at least have the platform to play on!

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