Sunday, February 15, 2009

Massacre (Daemon vs High Elves)

So this is my maybe 4-5th game of Warhammer Fantasy, these notes really are for me, if someone else benefits kudos.

Not that the title is any surprise to most people.
I played a 750 pt league game last night (well Mike had 825). Mike was a very polite High Elf player, fielding
1 Noble
1 Mage
12 Phoenix Guard (I think, this might of been 16 Guard)
11 Spearman
And the ever present Bolt Thrower

Versus my Daemon army of
1 Khorne Herald on Juggernaut
15x bloodletter
10x bloodletter
5x Fleshhounds

It wasn't the fact that I lost that was so surprising, but the simple fact that I was totally annihilated. I seriously don't think I even killed 10 elves. I mean I'm used to being outnumbered. But when I outnumber my opponent and then get slaughtered it is disappointing.
After much thought I have narrowed it down to several reasons (besides not having lots of game experience)
1. I changed my deployment strategy mid-deployment, I reacted to his deployment, which given the small point count and the small number of units I never should of done.
2. I had a chance to charge my fast unit (Flesh Hounds) though terrain and flank his big unit (Phoenix Guard). Instead I took the easier route which was to charge headlong into his spearman, big mistake. They died, one round of combat.
3. The only fact I KNEW about High Elves was the Always Strike First rule. This means that regardless of who charges they get to strike first. So before the game I convinced myself to charge forward headlong without regard to them being able to charge me. It didn't work, I couldn't convince myself in movement to just move forward without regard to him being able to charge (This alone cost me a complete turn of being shot at)
4. By this point the game was over, however I should of put up another fight by charging my Herald with Juggernaut into combat and then follow that up with my bloodletters, instead I charge with my bloodletters and let the Herald setup for a flank (Units of less then 5 unit strength CAN NOT flank, I know this)

So in summary, I should of gone with my original strategy of a double pincer. I should of closed the gap as fast as possible. Flesh Hounds are NOT a front line troop (duh).

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fireman N

Recently our son has become obsessed with firefighters and everything surrounding them. Fire trucks, firemen, hoses, fire stations, clothes and gear - he loves it all. He tries to slide down anything that might resemble a fireman’s pole and any toy that might pass for a hose is used to extinguish everything in his path. He watches Fireman Sam on DVD and Youtube and carries his fire dog, Spot, with him most of the time.

N’s been so obsessed with firefighters that my mother made him an outfit and my father got into the spirit of things and stopped by the local fire station. They were nice enough to give him some patches and a volunteer badge for his outfit and now he looks very official.