Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Craigslist Update

If I hadn't seen just about everything on Craigslist, I've seen it now.

Isderf IM'ed me yesterday to inform me that he'd found something fabulous on Craigslist... the conversation went something like this:

Isderf: I have 7 acres of farmable ground in Meridian. Ground has been neglected and needs some work, but has good soil and water. Used prior for row crops. Offering it for farming lease for free if someone is willing to do the dirt work.
email me if you are interested.

Isderf: here's a craiglist ad you would like :)

Andi: aaaaahhhhh

Andi: no, definitely no

Andi: no no no no

Isderf: come on...what fun it would be

Isderf: so what would you farm on 7 acres??

Andi: uhm... I wouldn't I don't have the proper equipment or man power for so much space

Andi: and neither do you

Isderf: whatever...since when has that ever stopped us :)

Isderf: D said that Hay is really easy to farm

Andi: yah, but you can't EAT hay

And the conversation went down hill from there... Do you see? Do you now understand the power, the danger, of Craigslist. Unfortunately, my days are filled with conversations like this.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Isderf & Craigslist

People have no idea how dangerous something like Craigslist can be with a husband like mine. I know, a lot of you think I’m kidding. But just imagine for a moment…

Your significant other is drawn to new projects like a moth to the flame. The thrill of learning something new and starting a brand-spanking-new project just brings them to life. They glow with the pleasure of it.
The potential to strike that flame is everywhere; you’re surrounded. A magazine article, a TV show, any old book they happen to pick up (from Little House on the Prairie to Basic Wilderness Survival Skills), even a short conversation with a neighbor can put your S.O. into a tizzy of new project euphoria.
Throwing anything out is a chore onto itself, “I’ll bet I could make a (fill in appropriate project) with this.” And the words, “Guess what I learned today,” make you grimace.

Okay, now that you’re in the right mind set. Imagine a wonderful place on the internet where people are constantly posting old things for sale or, OMG, giving them away (“Why would someone just throw this away?”).

Now, I have to say, we’ve managed to pick up some great things from Craigslist. Most of these items have been free… but these are also items the whole family uses or something that improves our home. We’ve even given away lots - most of our newly remodeled bathroom went that way, along with plants we don’t use.

Why would anyone want two old microwaves that don’t work? Well, let me tell you, together they have most of the parts to make an arc welder (see - another bane on my household). Why do we need an arc welder, well cause it’s cool to be able to weld stuff, that’s why.

Old propane tanks always come in handy too. You never know when you’ll want to cut one up and make a furnace so you can melt metal and make cool stuff with them. Of course, he’s only gotten to the melting metal part, we have lots of bricks of aluminum just waiting to be re-melted and made into something else.

Wood! There’s always wood for sale or for free on Craigslist. If you do any camping, keep your eyes open and you’ll get enough for a couple nights fire easily. But there’s such thing as too much of a good thing. One night, while I lay in bed with my husband, doing a little reading. He’s working on the computer in his boxer shorts. Suddenly, he jumps out of bed, proclaiming “wood” and runs away. Not the reaction I would expect from most men after making such a proclamation, but I figured maybe we’re trying something new. Yes we were, if trying something new means him getting dressed and driving a couple of streets down to find a home where someone had just cut down an elm tree. He NEEDS that elm, cause he’s going to try a new project - spoon carving.

So next time you hear someone talking about how great Craigslist is, make sure they’re aware of the dangers too!